Saturday, May 21, 2016

The weeks of May 9-20, 2016

These past couple weeks have been BUSY! SBAC/CAASP testing and spring fever makes continuity and focus really hard. Nevertheless, our teachers are hanging in there. They continue to keep students engaged with fun and engaging lessons while keeping up the rigor. I love going into classes and seeing students excited to be there, smiling, creating, and learning. We have just 3 short weeks left in school- hard to believe. Let's make sure we sprint to that finish line and end the year strong.

Here's the news in case you missed it:

And here is an AWESOME video production about Ancient Egypt that some 6th graders made with the guidance of Mrs. Denton (too fun!):

What's been happening?

We have two new signs up on our school advertising the fact that we are a CA Gold Ribbon School. I so want our families, staff, students, and community to be proud of this, so point it out to everyone you know.

Kinders have been learning about bugs. They have been singing songs, working in the garden, and creating some really cool presentations to learn about and share their new knowledge. It's been fun to watch.

6th grade just visited LVMS for Future Falcon Day. They are on the road to becoming middle schoolers. I hope the trip was fun and informative.

The Talent Show is coming! Students and staff have been working really hard to create a fun Talent Show. I cannot wait to see the talent that our Mustang family possesses. Bring it on!

Our after school clubs continue to do amazing things: Rube Goldberg contraptions, movies, keeping our campus clean, reading great books, and of course keeping our world peaceful.

I am also so impressed by how our students are presenting their knowledge. By using PowToons, Chatterpix, iMovie, etc. they are getting the opprtunity to solidify and sequence their knowledge while practicing collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and of course having fun by being creative.

Thank you also to Ms. Shelby from the garden for bringing healthy smoothies into the 3rd and 4th grade classes. They were so good. I love seeing the connection of our garden into the classroom. Let's keep that going.

And of course, congratulations to Mrs. Blades for becoming a grandmother once again. 

Coming up:

Make up testing will finish this week for SBAC/CAASP. Whoo hoo!

A group of Fillmore staff will travel to LA to receive the CA Gold Ribbon Award. So let's end with my favorite video to celebrate our success:

Enjoy your weekend!

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