Saturday, April 23, 2016

The weeks of April 11-22, 2016

I just LOVE Ag Day. What a fantastic way to celebrate our community, learn about food and farms, and have some fun. Mrs. Castaneda did and does such a good job. Everything goes off without a hitch and it was a blast.

This blog won't be too long- mostly stuffed with photos from Ag Day, so enjoy.

First, some celebrations:

What a terrific last Peace Assembly. Thank you so much to Mrs. LoCicero and Mrs. Asmussen for their hard work and organization, and of course efforts to build peace at Fillmore. Just wonderful!

Our garden is growing fast and becoming really cool. Under Ms. Shelby's leadership, we have added new stumps for sitting, extra room in the garden so weeks don't attack the boxes, a worm farm to get fresh and clean soil, and now an outdoor sink. Soon we will also be putting in a weather station to bring the garden right into the classroom. I am so excited! If you weren't sold already, here's a link to The Value of School Gardens.

Ms. Culmer's class is rolling with the 3D printing. They are designing and printing. I think their latest thing is bookmarks. Super cool!

We are getting a more clear picture of what our staff will look like next year and I am so happy that the new people coming in are getting to work with their new teams and learn from our current teams. This transition will be sad, but hopefully seamless and exciting at the same time.

3rd grade is doing a really good with their participation in the SBAC tests. Most students are taking it seriously, taking their time, being thoughtful, and of course, the teachers are doing their best to be encouraging. Thank you!

As I have been meeting with SSC and leadership and planning for next year, I am getting really excited. The thoughts and ideas our teachers have and what they want to do is really exciting and innovative. I am getting really close to driving my own kids down and back every day to come to school at Fillmore. It would almost be worth the painful hour drive each way with them.

Coming up:

- I think I will be in interviews in the morning trying to solidify our last spot (4th grade).

- PLC: We will start in the computer lab, where Mrs. Castaneda will do a brief presentation on ELD and information that can help.

Thursday and Friday:
- I will out all day at LATSS

That's it- here are your Ag Day pics:

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