Saturday, March 26, 2016

The weeks of March 14-25, 2016

Happy Spring Break! I'm sure everyone else needs this rest as much as I do. We are going to need this break to finish strong. Two of the most important months of the year are coming up. So, I hope we all get our batteries charged and we have some fun. 

Here are some videos you might want to check out- made by our very own students. Starting with the Mustang News:

And here is a recap of what's been going on:

Thank you Ms. Lara for being such a trooper and wearing the bunny outfit. A well done fundraiser for Fillmore- over $300 for Kindergarten.

Ms. Silver and her class have done great work. They have participated in the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. They used $200 they had left over from selling pumpkins
to a boat for students in the Philippines who need it to get to school. They learned some kids in the Philippines  have to swim to school and the class wanted to do something to help. The Yellow Boats of Hope foundation builds boats to help kids get to school safe and dry. Their pen pals at Ms. Silver's mom's school (Cebu International School in the Philippines) works closely with this charity. Their third grade class have become their pen pals and built the boat for them. They have been busy painting it and writing the messages our students have chosen to put on the boat.  In April they will bring the boat three hours north to students on an island called Bantayan that have to swim to the next island to get to school. Ms. Silver's class has learned a lot about how lucky they are to live in the United States and go to school every day! Here is the link to the Yellow Boats of Hope foundation:

We were able to eat lettuce from our very own garden for lunch on Wednesday. How cool is that? And it was really good. Thank you Shelby for making that happen.

Great job with parent-teacher conferences! I had some really good feedback and the ones that I attended went really well. Thank you for being so knowledgeable about your students and providing parents with specific information and guidance. Well done.

Coming up:

Spring Break! Enjoy

PLC for April 6: We will be meeting as a whole staff in P1 for directions. Then you will break off into groups to have vertical discussions around the CCSS. More details to come.

We are having a Beautification Day on Friday, April 8. It should be fun and quick. Please come join us if you can.

Ag Day is April 22, and we all know that will be fun. Thank you Mrs. Castaneda for organizing!

See you in a week. Have fun.


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