Saturday, March 12, 2016

The weeks of Feb. 29-March 11, 2016

I am very sorry for the delay in the Blog. I know many of you (or at least Mrs. Kirsch:) ) have been wondering what happened last week and why there was no Blog. It has been a really busy few weeks, but in my opinion, really good. First, the validation team is recommending to the state that we become a Gold Ribbon School. An incredible honor and so good for the school and the school community. I hope, whether we agree with the educational shift that is happening or not that we live in this moment and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making Fillmore a great school throughout the years and now we are recognized for it. Congratulations!

The next section show some examples of why we are so great. As usual, I don't know all that is happening in classes, so if I missed something cool you are doing, I'm sorry.

The Mustang News for March 11, 2016

Survival Guide (Forest) Mrs. Krebs

Earthquake Challenge

Lisa Culmer earned a 3D printer through a grant she wrote with! Wow! Can't wait to get these students designing!

The 6th graderes are working on Moon Journals where they observe the moon, track it, write about it and figure out the math and science behind its movements and phases. What a terrific integrated project.

3rd graders in Mrs. Kirsch's class have been working on travel guides to various countries. I am so looking forward to their final products so I can plan my dream vacation.

Classes that have been going to the garden have been working really hard spreading mulch, weeding, and most importantly learning about how our surroundings are so important to our survival and well-being. Thank you Ms. Shelby for all you do here!

In Ms. Lynch’s class students were so curious about the question: Can the wind blow it? Ms. Lynch had materials like paper, feathers, paper clips, erasers, crayons, etcetera and put them in front of a fan to see if they would blow. Her students guessed and were often correct, but were also often surprised. How fun!

Mrs. Robinson’s food center continues to be a big hit. This week they were figuring how to make bunnies out of cooking and other sweet treats.

In Ms. Farrell’s class, students have been having serious debates around the question: Should we harvest timber in California? The answers they came up with were great, and they were supported by research they had been doing on timber harvesting.

Fillmore’s 21st Century Learning Space created by Mrs. Denton is up and running. Come and join the fun!

6th graders are applying their knowledge of ratios to real life and recipes. Great idea, Mrs. Towle!

6th graders have done an incredible job this year so far on increasing their math and reading abilities. The STAR reading and math scores continue to rise at really high rates. Keep up the good work!

2nd grade students in Mrs. Asmussen's class are working on filming public service announcements for Fillmore on our character traits and BEST practices. Keep your eyes posted for videos to be released once or twice a month!

Fillmore’s Character trait for the month is perseverance.

And, as parent-teacher conferences are coming up, i reread an article about student-led conferences (my son did one this year- 5th grade and it was terrific!). Something I want us to think about for next year: Student-led Conferences: A Growing Trend

Coming up:
This is our teacher work day. We will be with Crestview and Miguelito in the AM and with all elementary schools in the PM. 

I hope you are looking forward to the Choose Your Own Adventure Workshop Monday afternoon. I really think it will be a blast.

School Site Council

I will be on a Gold Ribbon Validation Team site visit in the AM and then traveling to CUE in the PM
PLC- dedicated to report cards

Thursday and Friday:
Denton, Culmer, Sanchez, and I will be at CUE.

Have a terrific weekend! You deserve it! Michael

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