Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Week of February 22-26, 2016

March is coming and there is a ton coming up and going on. I really appreciated the candor at our meeting on Wednesday. I have done a lot of reflecting and thinking about what was said. There is no doubt in my mind about a few things: that we all want the best for our students, that we are bound by the requirements and focus of the CCSS, and that there are many ways to meet the requirements. I am looking forward to the discussions we will have around this. Before we do have these continual discussions, please do your best to understand what the CCSS are asking for. 

As I stated in the meeting, I am really proud about all we have done and are accomplishing and I truly believe that our work is paying off. I am looking forward to showing off all the great things we are doing with the Gold Ribbon committee.

Great presentation to the board by Ms. Culmer and Mrs. Denton. The students (both Fillmore and LHS) did really well, and the board was really impressed with the collaboration and the skills we are allowing our students to learn. Thank you!

Common Vision came a pruned our trees in the garden- thank you!

SBCEO came out to video the great lesson that Mrs. Henkel and the SH teachers have been doing with their students- it involves food, vocabulary building, and communication through technology, signing and words. I love to watch them work.

Coming up:

- Lock down drill on Monday

- SBAC training on Tuesday afternoon
- Read Across America Day is Wednesday! I'm looking forward to reading to lots of students that day.
- Gold Ribbon visit on Thursday.

It will be busy! 

Enjoy your weekend

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