Saturday, February 13, 2016

The week of Feb. 9-12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend. It looks like it's going to be beautiful. I'm going to keep this blog kind of short because I want to get out in the sun and play.

This week flew by, I think because it was so busy. It seems like everything is happening at once. I'll recap the week and like always, talk a little about what's coming up.

But first, here are the announcements if you missed them as well as a nice story I heard on NPR:

Recap of the week:

Great things are happening at Fillmore.

Mrs. Asmussen, Mrs. Knapp, and Mrs. Denton presented at the EdTech Connect conference in Santa Ynez. They gave three great presentations.

More visitors came to our school this week, this time from Crestview. They had really great things to say.

Mr. Figeuroa’s class is trying to figure out how to build houses that can best withstand earthquakes. They came to some shocking discoveries. Ask someone in his class what they figured out.

Mrs. Denton has been working on creating a 21st Century Learning Space. This space is all about solving problems in teams and building things. Pretty soon it will be open to teachers and students to come and play.

Ms. Culmer’s class continues to collaborate with Lompoc High to design keychains that can be printed out on a 3D printer. It’s a work in progress.

Ms. Culmer’s class is also doing quite a bit of blogging.

Huge news is that Fillmore has made it to the second round of becoming a Gold Ribbon school, which means we would be recognized by the state for all the great things we are doing. A team will be visiting on March 3 in the afternoon. I will be working hard to prepare for the visit.

At PLC Wednesday, we were introduced to the topic of using science to leverage integrated units that build on our students' natural curiosity. I hope it sparked some thinking and planning.

Mrs. Knapp's class has been learning a lot about how to reduce our impact on the earth by reusing and recycling!

Coming up this week:
We will have a lockdown drill on Tuesday right before recess.
Grades are continuing to do the 2nd interim assessment.
School Site Council on Tuesday.
Peace Assembly on Wednesday.
I will be out at LATSS Thursday and Friday.

Enjoy the weekend. See you Tuesday!

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