Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Week of Feb. 1-5, 2016

Holy cow! What a week! I am exhausted, but also so invigorated. There is so much to celebrate this week and so much to be proud of. You are going to want to read this list all the way to the bottom. It just gets better and better. But first, here's the Mustang News for February 5, 2016

On Monday, we had visitors from the Digital Leadership cohort visit Fillmore. They observed in a few classes and as I said before, were just blown away. They way these classes SEAMLESSLY integrated technology was what they were so impressed by. It wasn't about the device, but what was happening in the class and how the device was being used. Very impressive.

On Thursday, Ms. Culmer's class made the Lompoc record for their collaboration with Lompoc High's STaRS Academy designing keychains that will be printed through a 3D printer. What a great project! LHS Students assist Fillmore second-graders in 3-D design program

Also on Thursday, world champion Danny Duffy returned to Fillmore (he used to go to Fillmore) to see Mrs. Kirsch, his world champion teacher. Mr. Duffy was a class act, bringing all Mrs. Kirsch's students signed baseball cards, and giving them complete attention. I am so glad I got to meet him and so proud that Fillmore helped to produce such a quality human being. He's made me a Duffy fan for life.
On Friday, I got home around 6 pm and received an email from Steve Keithly from SBCEO that said: The California Department of Education has just informed me that your school has advanced to the next phase of the selection process for CA Gold Ribbon Schools (GRS). Congratulations! Holy cow! I couldn't believe it. I am so happy and excited.  The next step is that a team will be making a site visit to validate the implementation of our program. So get ready and get happy, and CONGRATULATIONS! 

Lastly, right not, Satruday at 9:30, I am here at the EdTechConnect Conference where Charlene Asmussen, Savanna Knapp, and Judie are presenting. I am so proud of them and the fact that they are sharing the great things they do in their class. Way to go!

And here are some items that you might want to check out. I got sent both this image and the article below. They both made me think. And the video below I watched last weekend, and thought it goes right into what is going to happen at PLC this coming Wednesday. Please watch so your brain is primed.


Tests and Technology: The Tools Your Students Will Need

Watch this before PLC Wednesday

And here is some more exciting stuff that happened this week:
The Innovators Club keeps creating new innovators. It now boasts 3 more. To become an innovator one has to complete an array of hands on projects. Look for a bulletin board of innovators in the office- coming soon.

The TL-K parade for the 100th day of school was really fun. Happy 100th day of school!

Mrs. Orr will be back to work on February 9th. We are so glad to have her come back. She was missed.

Mr. Figueroa has been doing a project in his class where students are experimenting with the effects of water and weather on types of soil. They are taking the data and this data will help Mr. Figueroa place his house. Very authentic and cool.

Have a great weekend!


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