Saturday, January 30, 2016

The week of Jan. 25-29, 2016

I'm obviously still worried about Mrs. Orr as I'm sure everyone at Fillmore is as well. I will keep her in my thoughts and wish her a quick return.

Fillmore had busy times this week, and it's going to get busier and busier. The good news is that there are a couple of 3-day weekends on the horizon. There will be needed.

I got to see Alice Keeler, author of 50 Things You Can do with Google Classroom, present on Thursday, and she even visited our site. She was really really fast, but gave me, and the other participants, some terrific practical ideas. I encourage everyone to visit her site, check out her book (I have a copy), and try out some of her tricks. Her major theme is letting the students do the work- allowing them to be creative and holding them accountable, but teacher preparation and knowledge is key to this. I have already used a bunch of her tricks- fun, time saving, and they allow me to be more efficient and productive.

Immediately below is the Mustang News as well as the video Mrs. Jacobson created about her Lego project with her students. Enjoy.

And here are a couple articles I read this week that I thought I'd share (one inspired by Mrs.Jacobson):

4 Ways I Don’t Teach the Tech

A summary of the week:

This week I found our that so far this year 30 Fillmore students were reclassified as English proficient. As we know how much English proficiency is an indicator of student success, this is HUGE! Great job teachers and students.

Lots of field trips these past weeks. Last week it was the SB Art Museum and this week it was the author's fair. I'm hearing the students had a blast.

Art is happening and is prevalent. You should check out the artwork that Mrs. Kirsch's students (re)created- beautiful, interesting, and fun.

The ALEKS program seems to be going strong in grades 4-6 and we are starting to see results- a great way to individualize and differentiate instruction for students in math.

Mrs. Jacobson’s kindergartners were asked to build a lego bridge that a lego person could walk over and a lego car could go under. They used the design process and teamwork to figure out which style works best. What a real life skill! And how fun. They posted their work on YouTube. Everything is so awesome!

Mrs. Asmussen’s class also presented their Genius Hour questions and answers. Some really great questions were asked and researched: How are rainbows formed? What is air made out of? How do big waves form? Are a few of the questions they asked. I learned a lot.

In Mr. West and Mrs. Robertson’s class students tested their theories about aeronautical design by making and throwing paper airplanes. Do you think they had fun? We wonder which design did best.

In Ms. Neale’s, Ms. Myers’, and Ms. Esparza’s classes Mrs. Henkel made smoothies to build and practice vocabulary. Mr. Flushman is still wondering where his smoothie is.

Mrs. Everett’s students used teamwork to build snowmen- out of paper, not snow of course. They came out great!
Mrs. Asmussen’s class is also researching presidents and creating a QR code scavenger hunt! They are compiling their research into videos, google slides, and google docs where they will then create a QR code that links to a fellow classmate's QR code. We are super excited to put our knowledge to use in such a fun way!
C-1 is working hard to solve real world problems.  They are estimating, subtracting using many different strategies, and compiling data…(eventually in google sheets)!  Math that is new and different and is inspiring Mrs. Castaneda’s students to learn more, work harder, and problem solve.

We also had great awards assemblies this week. Always fun to see students get recognized and see their families so proud.

Coming up this week:

I will be out a lot! Sorry. Here's the details:

- I will be participating in the Digital Leadership group. I'll be with a group from the county and we will all be in Lompoc. In fact, we are making a visit to Fillmore (two separate groups) from about 9-11:30. So, I will be around and of course, available by phone, text, email, and even walkie talkie.
- These same digital leaders will be doing some observations in Fillmore classes. I am really excited to show of our school.

- The only day I will be around all day! 

- I will be traveling to CSU Stanislaus with some other administrators for a recruiting fair. Gone all day!
- PLC time could be the same as last week:
- You could talk about students for who you have concerns and discuss interventions for those particular students that you could put in place, and get them into P4SS.
- You could continue to look at the performance task that your students will be taking and discuss strategies to help prepare them.
- You could look at your shared data document and discuss the progression of your students individually, or as a whole. What has worked? What hasn't? What should you keep? What should you change, and how should you change?

- I have Admin Council in the am, but will be around in the afternoon.
- Students from LHS will be coming to Ms. Culmer's room to work with her students on design and using design programs. LHS students work with AutoCAD, but will be helping her students with TinkerCAD. They will be desiging key chains that have math facts and then they will eventually print them out on one of LHS' 3D printers. Did I just write that? Wow? This is really exciting.

I'm not sure if it is morning, afternoon, or all day, but I will be in interviews at some point.

Enjoy your weekend!


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