Sunday, January 24, 2016

The week of Jan. 19-22, 2016

I do love three day weekends,but trying to fit 5 days into 4 is hard. It was a busy week and I didn't get out into classes as much as I hoped to. So, I have limited information on the happenings, but what I do know is that, as usual, there are exciting things going on. More on that later.

Here's the Mustang News for Jan. 22, 2016 in case you missed it.

And here are two videos on 21st Century education that I liked:

Of note: 

Thursday, at the Principal's Forum, principals shared their staff's thoughts on the possible postponement of the ELA/ELD adoption. There was a resounding consensus that we will postpone the adoption until next year. The vote from our staff was 58% wait, 42% adopt.

This past week:

Marco Vargas, Instructional Assistant, joined the Fillmore family in our Special Day Class. He is working in E 4 with our K-1 students.  

We had a really great Peace Assembly this week. Poetry and stories that honored peace, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and our character trait of the month, goals. Way to go Ms. LocCicero and the peace club for your hard work!

Mrs. Asmussen, Ms. Krebs and Mrs. S. Robinson have started piloting the ELA/ELD curriculum. Ask them what they think.

Ms. Culmer’s students have been working on TinkerCAD to design 3D images. One student sent her design to Lompoc High School and they printed it out on their 3D printer. So cool!

Third grade had a wonderful field trip to the Santa Barbara Museum of art this week.  They toured the art gallery and saw several beautiful pieces of art as well as creating their own masterpiece in the craft making room.  Too fun!
Mr. Figueroa’s students simulated hills to experiment with how weather affects the land. They tested their hills on the wind and rain we had on Tuesday.

Ms. Krebs’ students are working on creating their own website using Google Sites to display and archive their work from this year. Imagine that!

Ms. Martinez has revamped her social studies class for 4th and 5th grade where they will be extending their learning into projects and center-based activities. Her students are excited.

We have missed Mrs. Orr, the librarian this past week as she is having some health issues. Please keep her in your thoughts and send well wishes to get her back to work quickly and healthy.

Our new teacher, Ms. Shammah officially began this week doing an extra writing class with some of our students. They had a poetry slam yesterday. That was fun!

Mr. West, Mrs. Robertson’s student teacher, began his take over this week and says he is having a great time. Good luck Mr. West!
Students in Mrs. Towle’s math class have really been working hard in the ALEKS program and are showing great progression. Impressive.

3rd graders have all been given tiny cabbages to grow from Ms. Shelby in the garden. They will all participate in a statewide competition to see who can grow the biggest cabbage.

Coming up:
We have awards for K and 3rd on Wednesday and 1-2 on Friday.
I have a SARB meeting Wednesday morning so I may not make the K awards.
PLC will be in teams on your own. It would be a good idea to do a few things. Your choice of course...
- As we will be looking at P4SS in the afternoon, you could talk about students for who you have concerns and discuss interventions for those particular students that you could put in place. 
- You could continue to look at the performance task that your students will be taking and discuss strategies to help prepare them.
- You could look at your shared data document and discuss the progression of your students individually, or as a whole. What has worked? What hasn't? What should you keep? What should you change, and how should you change?
Thursday afternoon both Judie and I will be out at a Model Tech meeting.
It's a five day week. Have fun!

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