Friday, October 9, 2015

The week of Oct. 5-9, 2015

A milestone was reached this week- parent-teacher conferences. I got to sit in on a few and I was so happy with the level of data we share with our parents and how appreciative they are of that. As a parent I really want evidence of where my kids are. It is so helpful to me as a parent when the teacher tells me where they are on an assessment because it gives me information not only on how they are progressing developmentally, but also what else we can reinforce at home. So, thank you for being so good at your jobs and working with our families in the way you do.

Our trimester is coming to a close soon and that will be a really good time to reflect on all the work we have done and where our students are, and where we are as instructors.

If you missed it, click on the following to complete the SST: Partnering4StudentSuccess training

Also, in my "free" time I created a 6 minute instructional video on how to use Google Hangouts. It's how I do the announcements and could be a tool you use to "flip" some of your lessons and/or get students to review or catch up when they've missed. It's something we did a lot with a site called Educreations when I worked in Nashville. Use the following links:

Great stuff happening this past week:

Great job on conferences this week. Thank you for your hard work preparing and taking time to be present for each family.

Mrs. Asmussen is like the energizer bunny. She has been taking on so much here at the school. She is organizing and leading the peace assemblies, she has started us on giving out random acts of kindness awards to students, she is trying to get everyone to show their Mustang pride on Fridays by wearing our school colors and shirts. All that and she is doing great things in her class too.
Mrs. Asmussen's students are creating videos to share with the school on basic school rules we want to enforce for our mustang moments and at Fillmore. Once they are filmed they plan on sharing one a week. Currently they are creating scripts for the videos.

Third Grade will be having a Pumpkin Patch next Thursday October 15 after school. They have already made $160 from teacher orders before our patch even opened.  They are hoping to go to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on a field trip to end their research unit on  famous artists! Thank you to Ms. Silver for getting the pumpkins!

Mr. Figueroa is having his students write essays to persuade me and him to get MinecraftEdu for his class. What a great crossover of literacy skills into his content area. True CCSS!

Great to see so many students using our supplemental reading programs (Reading Plus and Lexia). We are starting to roll with them and lots of students are already leveling up.

Mrs. Grossi, Mrs. Denton and I had a great time working on "flipping" the SST training so you guys didn't have to sit through a boring training and could work at your own pace and in your own space. I hope it worked for you.

Ms. Krebs is working with QR codes. Her students are using QR codes to display their book reports they did through Google Slides.

Ms. Krebs and Mrs. Orr also have the great idea of pasting QR codes on books in the libraries to provide links to student book reviews. We LOVE that idea!

I am loving the school spirit today. Thank you Mrs. Asmussen for getting all of us fired up. Go Mustangs!

Mrs. Schuler Jones and Mrs. Denton were showing 3rd graders the joys of entering data on Sheets. They were entering data from a math problem and learning not only how charts work, but how to add numbers.

Ms. Culmer is looking into some free online 3D design programs that she can use with her class to start creating things. This is really high level on both the Bloom's and the SAMR Model. Ask her what she's doing if you are interested in doing something like this.

Mrs. Knapp and Asmussen have started doing the Genius Hour in their classes. I have never seen 2nd graders so engaged in their learning. So fun to watch.

Here's whats' coming up:

On Thursday afternoon the Chumash will be at Fillmore to shoot a commercial with Mrs. Grossi and the iPads. They will be using Mrs. Castaneda's and Mrs. Robertson's rooms (thank you both!). I think it will be quite a production, but good publicity for Fillmore.

This past week Mrs. Denton started getting the stuff ready for the news casting club. That club should be up and running soon. I can't wait because I sure need help with the low tech announcements I've been doing. Thank you Ms. Farrell and Mrs. Denton for organizing this.

There will be a leadership meeting at 3 pm on Wednesday. Leaders, if you have agenda items, please send them on.

I will be out Thursday and Friday for the LATSS panel. Sorry. So much to do, so little time.

Have a great weekend!


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