Sunday, October 25, 2015

The week of Oct. 18-23, 2015

First, here are our Friday Announcements for Oct. 23 in case you missed them.

It was so nice to be at Fillmore for three days in a row! Being away so much makes me feel less connected. This week I really got to see some great things and have some good conversations around instruction and school design. I love being able to do that. I am so happy that you are all thinking about how best to serve our students. As you think, I really hope you have had the chance to read the book I gave you by Ken Robinson because he really answers a lot of the questions we have. And, as I read and reread the book I constantly think about these questions:

1. What type of class would I like my own children to be in?
2. What would that class look like? What would the students be doing? What would the teacher be doing?
3. Are we there? If not, what do we need to do to get there?
I'm sure you have similar questions and I truly hope you are asking them of yourselves, reflecting, and collaborating to make the changes you need to make to create that perfect class. It is my job to help you do that.

I am loving how many of you are using your own passions to develop learning opportunities for your students. It is paying off. Here are some examples:

Ms. Culmer is using BeeBots to get her students to begin to learn how to code. But they are also learning about communities, so they are programming their BeeBots to move through different communities. Really cool!
I loved how the 6th graders were studying waves as they relate to earthquake and the earthquake drill! It was really fun to have students connect what they are doing in class to the real world.

Hilarious to see 5th graders walking around with name tags representing multiplication facts. What a great idea Mrs. Torres.
I haven't seen it in action yet, but Mrs. Towle is using ALEKS to differentiate for students in Math. I'm looking forward to seeing students work on this program.

I also really enjoyed hearing that 2nd grade had a Skype in the Classroom video call from Marie at WonderGrove to work on character traits and rules...they had a wonderful chat! Truly creating global citizens.

The Great American Shakeout was awesome! Fillmore was the fastest and safest in the district having our campus evacuated and clear in 7 minutes. This practice can save lives if we ever have a disaster in the future. Way to go Mustangs!

The 3rd grade Pumpkin Patch was a success. Excellent work and big thanks to Ms. Silver and her class.

Saw LucidChart being used to teach comparing and contrasting in 2nd grade.

I liked hearing how 6th grade is honoring students for being computer graphics and Google Doc Table experts and recognizing these skills as important.

Fourth Graders are beginning to learn all about Tour Builder and how it can be used for presenting information- it's really cool.

Students in Ms. Lara's class were experimenting first hand with the effects oil has on water as they study pollution and its effects.

The Innovator's Club is doing amazing things! Innovators are building both hydroelectric generators as well as columns and beams that will support a roller coaster.

Ms. Shammah had her students create Moon Journals- a great way to bridge science and literacy skills, with a touch of art.

I love how students have been trying to pick up trash as part of our focus on that BEST practice. Thank you Mrs. Asmussen and all the teachers who are supporting this.

Also loving the school spirit everyone is showing on Fridays by wearing their Fillmore shirts. Students are getting into as well and that is nice to see. Can't wait to see the charts that Ms. Asmussen's class comes up with to compare spirit.

What a terrific Peace assembly this week on Trustworthiness. Great to see the students who read their essays, Mrs. Robinson and ms. LoCicero’s classes for the wonderful song they sang, Mrs. Kirsch’s class for the awesome poem, and of course Ms. Asmussen’s class for their reader’s theater performance.

I'm sure there's more. Please make sure to share with me the things I have missed.

Next week:

Red Ribbon Week: 
- Monday (10/26)– Dreaming of a drug-free world! Wear your pajamas! (Optional)

- Tuesday (10/27) – Team up against drugs! Wear a team jersey/uniform!

- Wednesday (10/28) – It’s crazy to do drugs! Crazy hair day!

- Thursday (10/29) – Wear Black and/or Orange Day.

- Friday (10/30) – NO School!

PLC: This Wednesday we will host the first ever Fillmore Demo Slam, where we will get the opportunity to share all that we are doing, learn new tricks, and have time to play. If you haven't, look over the agenda and add your name to the slam. We want lots of sharing! Fillmore Demo Slam Agenda

Mrs. Wilson's class will be doing a performance of The Raven on Thursday. I am looking forward to that for sure.

PD Day: On Friday, Oct. 30 there is a district-wide PD day. The morning is a district training and the afternoon will be at our site. More details to come, but it most likely will be geared towards preparing for the interim assessments.

I hope you all have a great week, and Happy Halloween!


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