Saturday, September 12, 2015

The week of Aug. 31-Sept. 4 and Sept. 7-11

September 11 has always been a day of reflection for me. Of course, like everyone else, I remember exactly where I was  and what I was doing when I first heard reports of a plane flying into the World Trade Center. I hope we can all reflect on the good we have in our lives and the great work we do here at Fillmore to change lives for the better. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend filled with loved ones and fun times.

These past two weeks have been... well, different. Last week I was at Fillmore for a total of about 6 hours while school was in session: BEST Training, Principal Forum, and the LATSS Panel all had me running around. I want to thank the various Teachers in Charge that we have for helping out, and of course, the front office staff, who quietly does an amazing job managing so much. Thank you!
I get even more and more impressed by what you all have been doing in your classes- so creative, innovative, authentic, and really fun. I walk into classes and it puts a smile on my face to see the level of engagement. Please invite me in to see something you are excited about trying or just want to share with me. 
Here's a link to our announcements. Please let me know if you can't see them: Friday Announcements, September 11, 2015.

Here are a few things that Judie and I have witnessed:

Mr. Figueroa is starting the Innovator's Club (Can I join?), which will have its first meeting on Monday. They will be building bridges, machines, and cars.
Ms. Lara  had her students making models of freshwater that surprised many of them and lead to great discussions!  As a class they explored new tools on the Chromebooks including interactive lessons using nearpod, socrative and kahoot.
Ms. Lara also had her students apply for class jobs using a Google Form- genius!

Ms. Wilson had her students engaged in a writing activity where her students wrote about what they thought their teachers did in their free time. It was hilarious! But more importantly, the students seemed really excited about writing.
Mrs. Robinson (5th grade) used a video rap to help teach parts of speech. It was awesome.

Ms. Henkel and Ms. Burke have figured out a way to put the software for the communication devices onto their interactive projector so they can teach and communicate with their students. So cool!
Mrs. Asmussen’s class has been learning about caring and kindness as it is August’s and September’s character trait. Her class wrote caring and kind words all Fillmore’s campus on Tuesday to share this trait with others. Definitely a BEST practice.

Ms. Denton has created her own blog and it's really good. Check it out here: Teaching + Tech

Ms. Farrell is using a a great strategy to inspire critical thinking called Mystery Science. This past week's mystery question was: Can a volcano pop up in your backyard? 

Mrs. Castaneda's 2nd graders were doing some incredible things... While investigating healthy foods, they learned how to insert images into a table in Google Docs. 2nd graders!
Ms. Culmer has been incorporating Google Forms into her instruction and assessment. 

All teachers are getting more and more comfortable using MyMath. Questions are being answered and kinks are getting worked out.

There is so much more. I can't write them all. Please check out the Twitter feeds for Fillmore and Mr. Flushman so you can get an idea of what is going on around our school on any given day.
Coming up this week:
Williams Site Visits: The Williams people will be coming at some point this week. Thanks for getting ready for them by covering up your cords so they aren't tripping hazards and getting as much as you can off of your cabinets. Thank you also for making sure your texts are ready to be seen.

Leadership meeting on Tuesday. Some agenda items are BEST, PLC, making objectives explicit and posting them, Number Talks, etc.
Ms. Asmussen will be putting on our first Peace Assembly this Wednesday. I'm excited.
We are planning that the PLC for Wednesday will be a half and half thing. We would like our staff that feels comfortable with the MyMath tech portion to train the rest of you. Ms. Denton or I will be sending out a plan before PLC time.
I will be out Thursday and Friday mornings for various meetings.

Have a great weekend and a great week!

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