Sunday, September 27, 2015

The week of September 21-25, 2015

This has been a great week of innovation, risk taking, and trials. I could not be more impressed and excited about all that I have seen and heard about that is going on. Please keep up the good work and trying new strategies, using new tools, and getting your students excited and engaged.

Here's what happened:

After two meetings of the Innovators Club, things are rolling. Students created rockets out of straws, masking tape, paper, and rubber bands. Mr. Figueroa is the MAN!

Mrs. Denton is starting the Genius Club for students in 4-6 grades. These students will learn to become experts in all things that have to do with computers. 4-6 grade teachers, make sure you have give your students the application so they can apply.

Mrs. Schuler Jones’ class has started using Class Dojo- a very exciting way to monitor and let students monitor their own behavior.

Students in Mrs. Robinson’s 5th grade class used Google forms to collect vocabulary definitions- genuis!

Mrs. Kirsch’s watched  baby giraffes stand up for the first time. What a great way to build empathy, wonder and a global perspective.

Ms. Farrell used different liquids to teach the concept of viscosity and how it relates to volcanic explosions. Wow!

Mrs. Silver’s students do a lot of wondering. This week she showed a picture of a dining set of furniture that was taller than a grown woman. Neat to hear about what the students came up with.

2nd graders in Mrs. Knapp’s class were learning about weather and collaborating on a shared Google Doc the information they researched about weather.

In Mrs. Culmers’ class students created an All About Me video and embedded it in powerpoint. These are 2nd graders! Can you believe that?

Mrs. Kirsch’s class had a great time at the Cabrillo Aquarium. They experienced things such as feeling and smelling baleen from a whale, holding starfish and other things from several touch tanks and learning about the tides of the ocean.

The 5th grade peer tutors are doing a great job in kindergarten!  They are working with individual students as well as small groups.

The students in Mrs. Schuler-Jones' class earned the Fillmore Bus this month for having the highest AR accuracy at 82% .
Mrs. Torres and Mrs. Asmussen’s math buddies are creating an amazing business! Common Core for real!

Mrs. Castaneda’s class has a new student teacher, Ms Shammah from Cal Poly.  She has certainly melded well with the class and has vamped up the science lessons to beyond engaging.  So excited to have her with us.

Ms. Culmer and Mrs. Castaneda are teaming up to try to incorporate Skype into their classes.

I'm sure there's more, so let me know what I'm missing. Here's what's coming up this week:

I will be out Thursday, and Judie will be out Monday and Thursday.

PLC for Wednesday: There is a lot going on... Some of you signed up for the EEI training at Manzanita. 3rd grade teachers, Ms. Lara and Mr. Figueroa will be receiving a training at Fillmore from Professor John Chen from Cal Poly on integrating engineering in science standards. The rest of you will do as follows: 1st and 2nd- team meeting; 4-6 teachers will meet as content area/vertical teams.

That's it I think...

Have a great week!


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