Monday, September 21, 2015

The week of Sept 14-18, 2015

Hot enough for you this week? It's been a really busy few weeks and I thank all of you for your patience and flexibility with those things that are out of our control: Language Census, Williams visit, the heat, the wind, students being sick, and so on.

Some great stuff is going on, but the honeymoon is over, so keep that rigor and engagement up. As you all know, when students are engaged and excited about what they are doing and learning in class, classroom management is not an issue.

Here's what I saw:

There are now 64 students in the Innovator’s Club. Very impressive. Due to bad timing I have yet to see what goes on, but the students are loving it.

The Peace assembly was a real hit. Great feedback from it. And there were samples of healthy food. That was cool! Thank you Mrs. Asmussen, Mrs. Wild Brown, and everyone else who helped.

I am also just loving the Random Acts of Kindness awards. The students really seem to work for them and want to get noticed.
6th grade is doing the Book a Week Challenge to encourage reading.

PLC this week was really collaborative. I liked to see the verticle articulation happening in grades 4-6. 3rd grade got a lot of questions answered and worked hard at learning more about the online portion of My Math. Mrs. Asmussen worked really hard to show K and 1 some strategies for using the online version of My Math. There are a lot of ways to go, and if used well can be a tool for student engagement and empowerment.

Mrs. Castaneda's class also made a movie to express their class' disappointment in the people that messed it up the other weekend. It is awesome. Check it out: Mrs. Castaneda's class' movie.

SPED and Mrs. Henkel are doing some real authentic learning activities around popcorn, counting, tactile practices, and using technology to communicate. Super powerful stuff.

5th graders were creating a shared Google Slide to make a comic book that shows the water cycle process. AND they were learning how to use Google Draw to insert animation. I learned 3 new things from the students by being in that room. So cool!

Tracking speed of marbles in mystery liquids.

A 2nd and 5th grade class are going to buddy up and start a business. Can you get any more Common Core(y). :)

We got great feedback from the designated ELD visits. I am so proud of your hard work around this. Please know that if we do this well, we can truly change lives- research based.

Again, so much great stuff I can't capture it all. Keep it up.

This week:

I'm out Monday for a district training and Thursday in the afternoon for interviews for a TK/K PTST.

Judie will have her Tech Tuesday in P2 and it should be a great one- Google Forms. I have just scratched the surface on Forms and I am hooked. They have made my life so much easier and organized. Worth your attendance for sure.

Judie will be out at SELD training all day Thursday.

PLC for Wednesday should be centered around data- specifically your STAR data. I's like your discussion to be a concentrated one centered around your analysis of both the STAR reading and math scores. Use the template to focus you.

Have a great week!


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