Friday, May 15, 2015

The weeks of May 4-8 and May 11-15, 2015

Sorry to have missed last week. It's been a busy time. There is so much to celebrate and acknowledge and I'm sorry to have missed that opportunity last week. We are closing the year down and a lot is going on: SBAC, final assessments, retentions, reflecting on this past year, planning for next year, Spring Fever with the students, 6th graders going to middle school, rainy day schedules, and on and on. Through all this I have appreciated your professionalism, flexibility, and kindness- it's what keeps us a team and helps our students do the best they can.

A lot has happened these past two weeks and a lot is coming up, so let's get to it:

These past weeks:

Teacher appreciation week:
  • Thanks to the PTA for some wonderful breakfasts, Starbucks gift cards, and a really delicious lunch.
  • The Fillmore staff deserves that recognition. I am so honored to work with you guys.
SBCEO Innovation Showcase:
  • Mr. Figueroa, Ms, Krebs, and Mrs. Grossi took four students to Santa Barabara last week to participate in the first ever innovation showcase.
  • They had no idea what to expect and prepared a presentation using collaborative tools for video conferencing like Google Hangouts and Skype. 
  • It was so impressive that our student and staff ended up winning the one prize that was given away. Winner, winner! I am impressed and thankful.
Bike Rodeo:
  • Thanks to Mrs. Schuler Jones' leadership many of our students participated in the Bike Rodeo over the weekend. 
  • 28 Fillmore students were recognized at the district office for being reclassified as English proficient. 
  • It was the most in the entire district, and a life-changer for our students. You should have seen how proud our students and their families were. It was a really nice moment.

  • In my humble opinion, the SBAC testing has been going well. Most of the issues we have faced have been issues out of our control and we have adapted really well.
  • Teachers have done a great job of administering the tests and I think most students have done really well giving a good effort. The SBAC is NOT easy.
  • Non-testing teachers have helped out so much by loaning out their Instructional Aids who have been a huge help. 
  • There definitely have been lessons learned that we can take into next year.
Rainy day:
  • May showers showed up! Good for our environment, not so fun during testing.
  • Seems like the rain gods are toying with me though. I tried my best to keep us from having a rainy day schedule and as soon as the rain got too heavy and looked like it wasn't going to stop I called for the rainy day schedule. Well, of course, the rain stopped that moment. Oh well. We survived.

  • This week I started interviewing for the two positions we have open. There were some outstanding candidates. I'm crossing my fingers that these candidates accept our offer.
Field Trip
  • 2nd graders got to take a tour of our civic buildings and had a great time.
Instruction:I didn't get out to a lot of classes this week, but when I did I saw some really good stuff.

  • Zumba in Mrs. Castaneda's class as a brain energizer
  • Storytelling with Mrs. Grossi.
  • Mother's Day Tea with Ms. Robertson and Ms. Robinson.
  • Mother's Day writing
  • Some great math lessons using technology and manipulatives
  • Had a great principal for the day
What's coming up:


  • More testing next week- Mathematics time. Hopefully the impact will be less.
  • Students will do math and we are hoping to get most students finished by Wednesday.
Spelling Bees
  • We've got some lower grade students participating in spelling bees next week. Should be fun.
PLC: Last 3 PLCs for the year
  • PLCs for the rest of the year
    • May 20: Start report cards/placement cards or do some collaboration around the shared data document. Enter in last STAR test if you can.
    • May 27: Open House Prep
    • June 3: Placement meetings
From Leslie Wagonseller:
Here are two links that provide resources for anyone teaching English Learners 

This is a great page where you can have access to a number of ESOL lesson plans, activities, study materials and worksheets.

Language Links
As its name indicates, this is a website that provides links to some awesome websites for ESOL  including language learning activities, teaching resources, web activities and many more.

Thank you all and have a great weekend!


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