Friday, May 29, 2015

The week of May 25-29,, 2015

Boy, Open House was fun. I am so glad it came when it did, even if it was a late date. I was so happy to be among students that were so proud to show the work and learning they did this year to their beaming families. It was also quite obvious how respected all of you teachers are. In summary, I had fun, and hope you did as well.

The year is closing and there is a lot to do and think about for next year. Please be on the lookout for emails and paperwork that explain how to close out the year.

This week was short, but here's what happened:

6th grade wax museum:

  • 6th graders researched, took notes, wrote about, and memorized information about a historical figure and then presented to a real audience with a timeline and report.
  • Can you say Common Core in action? I absolutely loved participating.

3rd Grade rodeo field trip
  • Man, those 3rd graders had a great time. Motorcycles doing stunts? Wish I had been invited.
Last awards ceremonies
  • We began the last round of awards ceremonies this week. 
  • It has been great to see so many students honored. They, and their families, seem to really enjoy the recognition.
Open House

  • Animal models, missions, wax museums, portfolios, slide shows, and so on. 
  • Most of all the general mood of the families was notable. They love Fillmore and were proud of their students.

Coming up next week

District-wide disaster drill
  • June 1, Monday, will be the district-wide disaster drill. 
  • Make sure you read the email I sent out on Thursday that explains it all.
Flushman in Harvard
  • I will be out all week at the Turnaround Institute at Harvard.
  • It's a week-long intensive course given by experienced professionals from around the nation who have successfully turned around under achieving schools.
  • Should be an informative trip, but it will certainly be busy and rigorous.
  • During PLC you should be doing your placement meetings. Please use the shared data document to get information you might need to place students. Please take into consideration the progress a student has made when placing her/him rather than just a raw score.
Talent Show
  • I can't believe I'm going to miss my first talent show. 
  • Break a leg Mustangs!
More awards ceremonies
  • We will have some more awards ceremonies to end the year.
Stage in MPR
  • I have let the Leadership Team know that we are clearing out all the leveled books on the stage in the MPR to make room for our textbooks next year. We are losing the scullery with the kitchen being remodeled.
  • If you want any of those books for your classes, please get them as soon as possible. Otherwise they will be given to someone who will use them.
I'm sure there is more, so expect more emails as I remember things. :)

Enjoy your weekend and your week, and go Warriors!



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