Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Week of May 18-22, 2015

I just got back from a beautiful sunrise surf in Morro Bay. I'm feeling refreshed, relaxed, and reflective. In the water I had a lot of time to think. Much of what I thought about was Fillmore- what we have accomplished this year, goals I have for next year, lessons I learned this year, and mostly how happy I am to be a part of your family. I know that the change of having a new principal and the adjustment to Common Core (which includes the integration of technology) has been a lot for all of you. That being said, I am amazed by what you/we have done this year. Many of you have really stepped out of your comfort zones and experimented with new instructional models and methods. I am grateful for your efforts to adapt and change to fit both the new model of the Common Core as well as trying to figure out what is just good for our students. I am so happy to be a part of a public school at this exciting time, especially Fillmore.

We don't have much time left in this school year, but let's please do the following:
1. Finish strong. Teach and care for our students until the very last minute of the last day.
2. Collaborate. Continue to work with each other to not only end the year strong, but get a jump start on next year.
3. Be kind and stay positive. The end of the year always brings around a high amount of stress and emotions for us and our students. Remember to stay positive- it rubs off on others (as does negativity), and remember to be kind to each other and of course yourselves. 
4. Reflect: Reflect on your year: what went well? what did not? why? what will you do to adapt and change next year? how will you reach your goals for next year?

So much stuff happened this week and is coming up next week. Please, please read carefully.

This past week:

Cal Poly Rocket Club Visits:

  • 4th graders were treated to a great presentation by the Cal Poly Rocket Club. They learned about how and why rockets are built.
  • During lunch students in upper grades were able to build their own rockets out of 2 liter soda bottles and launch them with a water launcher. It was fun!

6th Grade Field Trip
  • 6th graders took their annual field trip to Guadalupe Dunes. 
  • I heard it was a good time.
AR Success
  • We have had great success in two areas with AR
    • Participation (better than any other school in the district throughout the year)

    • Increase in our success rate. We are the only school in the district who has show steady increase in our AR scores. This is exactly what we wanted to see. Great job!

2nd and 1st Grade Spelling Bees
  • We had some very tightly contested Spelling Bees. The kids did great. I heard the 1st grade Bee went over an hour it was so competitive.

  • The testing went really well. It was stressful, but just about every student finished testing and it seems that we did not overwhelm anyone with the amount of testing. 
  • Upper grade teachers did a fantastic job of adapting, problem-solving, and preparing their students.
  • Mr. Latimer and Ms. Martinez were extremely helpful in making sure all the logistical parts ran as smoothly as they could.
  • Thank you to everyone.
  • This week teachers started working on report cards and placement cards.

In class
  • Ms. Asmussen had her kids looking at their AR data
  • She also had them dancing- that was fun!
  • Mrs. Grossi has her students using Minecraft to have them build/recreate historical monuments- can you say "interdisciplinary" and "21st Century skills"?
  • Kindergarten is immersed in insects!
  • There was some facepainting in ms. Hogan's class and lots of teachers for the day.
  • There's a lot more, so tell me what I missed!
Next week:

Open House
  • Open House will be Wednesday from 6-7:30.
  • PLC time will be used to prepare for Open House
  • Students that need to makeup any part of the SBAC will be pulled out of class to do their makeups.
  • There will be no makeups after this Friday.
Awards assemblies
  • A few grade levels will be having their last awards assemblies of the year.
June 1 Disaster Drill

  • Not next week, but the week after, on June 1, we will be participating in a district-wide disaster drill. More information will be coming to you regarding this drill.
Flushman at Harvard
  • During the week of June 1-5 I will be out at a course at Harvard. Mrs. Grossi will be in charge.
It's a short week this week. Let's make it count. Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your three days. See you on Tuesday!


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