Sunday, May 3, 2015

The week of April 27-May 1, 2015

I had a really good time this week. There was a lot going on and I enjoyed it all. I've been thinking a lot about next year and how much we have done this year and I am so proud of Fillmore. You have proven to be a staff that is willing to take risks, takes challenges head on, wines minimally about difficulties, and steps up to do the best for our students. As I've said in the meeting I've had with each of you, I really want want Fillmore to be a place where we try new things and collaborate around the planning and implementation of those new things, but most of all, we help each other reflect. I am starting to see those types of discussions, not just at the team level, but across grade levels as well. It is fun to watch and be a part of.

You did a lot this week:

Spelling Bee

  • I thought the 1st Annual Fillmore Spelling Bee was great. I had a blast and despite a few tears, I think the students did as well.
  • Mrs. Wilson, thank you so much for organizing.
  • Congratulations to all the participants.
Bernie donation
  • I was absolutely floored by Bernie's donation to Fillmore. What an incredible surprise!
  • Fillmore truly is a family- so nice to see all your actions be noticed.
Garden Donation
  • Shelby wrote two grants for our school to help our garden and to help beautify our school.
  • We just got the $450 check from the Women's Ag Fund! Wow! 
  • The other from the Lompoc Horticultural Society will be coming soon from what I understand. 
  • That means we will have money for another Beautification Day. We were thinking this spring and have some ideas, but with SBAC and our busy schedule, the fall might prove to be the best time.
  • Thank you Shelby and Women's Ag Fund!
Mrs. Grossi's big week
  • The bad news is we found out that Mrs. Grossi will not be selected as the SBCEO ToY. The panel did, however, have extremely flattering thins to say about both Mrs. Grossi's student-centered instructional model and Fillmore as a whole.
  • The good news, for Mrs. Gossi not Fillmore, is that she has been selected as the principal at Crestview. I am extremely proud of her and really look forward to continuing to work with her and having Fillmore and Crestview partner on all sorts of projects.
  • Best of luck to you Mrs. Grossi! Thank you for your years of service to Fillmore.
The Fillmore Flyer
  • Ms. Krebs and Mrs. Grossi's class are undertaking a collaborative project. They have decided to produce and publish the next edition of the Fillmore Flyer.
  • This is a great, great authentic and cross grade level project. Exactly what the Common Core intended- using writing and 21st Century skills in authentic, meaningful contexts. 
  • Plus, it takes the newsletter off my plate.
Volunteers appreciated
  • Three of our fantastic Fillmore volunteers were honored with a letter and and pin in recognition of their efforts to help our students and school: Mr. King, Ms. Lorraine, and Ms. Daniel.
  • Thank you so much for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do on behalf of our students.
SBAC testing started
  • We started testing our students in resource and it's mostly going well. 
  • Ms. Sandoval is pulling students and beginning testing. 
  • I sent out an email explaining staffing so I won't go into it much here.
  • I know this can be stressful, but it can also be exciting. I do really hope that in the future everyone would be willing to experiment with a new grade level and challenge. Change does keep things fresh and fun.
Kitchen will be remodeled
  • This summer, the kitchen will be remodeled so we can have a salad bar. It should be a nice change for our food and students. 
  • There will be some changes, however, as to how students enter and exit the MPR. We will have to think about it.
Exciting instruction
  • Plants and animals in Ms. Silver's room
  • Authentic discussion in Ms. Robertson's room about the "wood chip" problem.
  • Newsletter with Ms. Krebs and Mrs. Grossi's classes.
  • Great fractions lesson with Mrs. Torres' students- students matching and getting out of their seats.
  • Preparing for the wax museum in 6th.
  • Students creating their own Kahoot quizzes in 2nd.
  • And much more that I may not have witnessed
What's coming up...

Teacher Appreciation Week/Day
Leadership Meeting Tuesday
  • PLCs for the rest of the year
  • SBAC testing schedule
SBAC testing
  • Testing with resource will continue
  • We will start preparing for general ed testing this week
  • We will have testing manuals out to you this week so you can prepare
  • If you haven't already given us the numbers you need for your 
Devices not available
  • The ThinkPads will not be available this week. They will be getting serviced on Tuesday so we can make sure they will be ready for testing.
  • The Chromebooks being used in 2nd grade will not be available after Wednesday

  • Shared Data Doc needs to be completed. I've noticed that some teams are all caught up while others have many missing pieces. This document is going to be crucial for you to use data to reflect on the year and plan for next year. Remember, data should drive your instruction.
  • Start thinking about what worked this year, what didn't work, what needs to be improved/tweaked, and finally, what new things you want to try next year.
Classroom changes
  • There have been a few requests for classroom changes. If you want to move your class, please let me know so we can try to accommodate.
I think that's it for now, although I know I'm missing a few things.

Thank you for everything! Enjoy your week!


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