Friday, April 10, 2015

The week of April 6-10, 2015

Spring Break is over! I hope everyone had a good one. I did. Less than 9 weeks to go and we have so much to do. It's going to be fun and fast. I am so proud of all we have  accomplished this year and that makes me really excited about the future. I think this week was really good.

Here's what went on this week:


  • Fillmore undertook its first ever EdCamp where staff participated in over 20 different staff led discussions. Themes ran from learning about Google Classroom to discussing inclusion practices.
  • The agenda for the day was used as a place to take notes and provide resources. It is a shared document that can be accessed here: April 6 EdCamp Agenda
  • I had a really great time participating in discussions, listening to the keynote speaker, and observing everyone creating and planning.
Reading Plus over the break
  • 20 Fillmore students actively participated in Reading Plus over the break.
  • We were the school that had the 2nd most students participate. I am really proud of those guys, and you for promoting the program for use at home.
2nd Grade and Chromebooks
  • 2nd grade got the cart of Chromebooks this week
  • We were really unsure how well they would handle it, and EVERYONE was surprised by how well all the 2nd graders did with all the tools that the teachers presented (Google Classroom, logging in, sharing documents, Google Draw, etc.)
  • I am also really impressed with the 2nd grade teachers for all their hard work and their willingness to take some real risks. Nice job.
Ms. Henkel gets devices for students in SPED
  • Ms. Henkel has been working with many moving parts to get our students these powerful communication devices. 
  • So far there are 3 students with them and 10 more pending.
  • It's a long arduous process, but so so beneficial to our students to help them both in and out of school.
  • Most of the honeypots were delivered to your rooms over the break. They need to stay in there in case of emergency. 
  • Please find a place for them.
American Revolution Walkthrough
  • 5th Grade had a terrific authentic experience with the American Revolution Walkthrough
  • Students dressed in colonial garb and acted out different events from the American Revolution
  • It was impressive and fun.
  • I've had the chance to get a few classes to see ELD this week
  • Great stuff going on: good use of SELD and lots of opportunities for speaking and using language
  • SPED is doing great things with kinesthetic learning, their ULS system, the interactive projectors, and thinking of new ways to do inclusion
Tech Tip from Leslie Wagonseller: What is Zaption?

  • Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that engage learners, deepen understanding, and track progress. Teachers, trainers and instructional designers use Zaption to quickly add images, text, and questions to existing online videos. With Zaption's Analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how viewers interact with content and understand key concepts.
    Click here for more information about Zaption and how you can use it in your classroom.  There is a free version and of course, there are two paid versions as well – but you can do a lot with the free version.

    Google Classroom – is a great way to organize assignments in a digital fashion.  Click here for a short overview – if you would like more information on how click the attached “How To” link.  To access the slides for instruction click here.

    Shared the resource KAHOOT – a few weeks ago – just found that it was so good – that I should share again.  Here is the link
What's coming up

  • Next week's PLC is a common minimum day. Below is the schedule of events. Quite honestly this is new to me, so we will see how it goes. 
  • School Site
    Grade level(s)
    Approx. # of Teachers

    Flushman, Burton & Faulk

    Wall, Pace & Grimnes

    Chavez & Insch
    La Honda

    Hines & Anderson
    *TK – We will contact Eric Triguiero to host all his TK teachers in his classroom and they can collaborate.

    Our plan for April 15th from 1:15 – 3PM will be the following:
    1.     Textbook adoption (Principals will sit in)
    2.     PD Planning for 15/16 school year (Principals will take the lead)
    3.     Grade Level Collaboration (If there is time)
Flushman out
  • I will be out in the morning of both Monday and Friday
Bike Safety Assembly
  • There will be a bike safety assembly on Wednesday. Ms. Schuler Jones will provide the details.
Goals Meeting
  • Make sure to schedule a meeting to reflect on your goals with me as soon as possible. I have met with about 6 teachers and have really enjoyed all of them.
  • If you are in grades 3-6, please schedule a time to have Mr. Latimer come in and train your students on the SBAC tools.
Have a great weekend!


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