Saturday, April 25, 2015

The week of April 20-24, 2015

There was/is so much going on this week, and I am so impressed with everything you guys are doing. To be honest, these past couple weeks have been hard, but this week has really inspired me. As I get out into your classes I have been reinvigorated. I want to share so many things, but I know I will forget some. If I forgot you, let me know and I will include you.

This past week:

2nd graders compile data and graph it on a Google Sheet
  • This activity impressed me so much. It's a skill I did not learn until I was out of college. 
  • The students had to collect data on how many times a spinner landed on a certain color. 
  •  Impressive on so many levels- data collection, discussion on probability, creating a visual representation of the data, and finally using 21st century tools to make it come alive. 
  • I am in awe!
SBCOE Representatives observe Mrs. Grossi

  • Mrs. Grossi has had quite a week. It started on Tuesday when 6 representatives from the SBCOE came to observe her classroom. Scary but fun. 
  • She did great. She did not do a whole dog and pony show, but showed these guys exactly what happens in her class every day, and I think the observers were impressed.
  • Regardless of what happens, it is such an honor for both Mrs. Grossi and Fillmore to have her be one of six teachers in the whole county to be considered as the ToY.
  • Good luck! 

 Reading Plus comes to Fillmore to create promotional video
  • When it comes to Reading Plus, there is no other school who uses the program te get the most. We consistently have the highest participation and the highest growth. Ms. Torres is our leader with this.  
  • So, when it came to doing a promotional video, Reading Plus chose us, Santa Maria HS and another school in Vermont, I think, out of all the schools in the nation to promote their product.
  • 72% of our students above, at, or close to grade level, which is best in the district and has surpassed our goal by leaps and bounds. 
  • Great press for us! 
 Teacher for the Day in Ms. Hogan's class

  • A bunch of students in Ms. Hogan's class have passed over 100 AR quizzes. As a reward they became the teacher of the day in her class. They love it, she loves it, and I love it. So fun!
Kinders becoming literate
  • I am so impressed with my visits to the kinder classes this week. Everything centers around literacy, but each teacher was using a different strategy to leverage literacy.
  • Mr. Tremblay was using the "H brothers" to create a visual and auditory anchor for his students to remember H sounds.
  • Ms. Everett incorporated literacy to leverage numeracy. The sentences she was working on purposefully lent themselves to rich discussions on numbers.
  • Ms. Lynch was using the idea of reusing (creating new from old) to have a rich discussion around text.
  • It was hard to leave each of these classes.
Earthquake drill
  • On Thursday we had a very successful earthquake drill where we ducked, covered, evacuated, and then swept rooms.
  • We completed the drill quickly and efficiently.
  • There are some things we need to do to improve, but that is on my end. Nice work!

 Front Row

  • You guys all know this, but Front Row math is cool. Here's a video that shows why: 

  • Our PLC this week was split. Grades 3-6 got information on SBAC. The agenda that was shared has links to most, if not all, of the resources that they will need. 
  • Testing is upon us. Next week, resource students will begin SBAC testing. 
  • I will be emailing out the schedule this weekend. Questions about the schedule should go to Barbara Sandoval and/or Jeff Latimer
 21st Century Skills
  • I love going into classes and seeing students engaged in building, creating, and applying skills. 
  • So fun to see Mrs. Moore's students so excited about designing castles.

Coming up...

Spelling Bee

  • Mrs. Wilson has organized a spelling bee for the upper grades and the final round will happen on May 1. I am really excited about the event. Should bee fun- pun intended!
Battle of the Books
  • We've also got four 6th graders who will be traveling to Santa Barbara to compete in the Battle of the Books. Let's wish them luck. 
SBAC Testing Begins

  • Students in resource will be beginning to take the SBAC test. A schedule has been emailed out.
  • Crossing our fingers.
  • I'm hoping that all of you have had your students either take their 3rd STAR or early STAR reading assessments.
  • Two things:
    • You should be analyzing this data and starting to think about what interventions worked, didn't, and what suggestions you may have for future teachers of these students.
    • These results should be put in the shared data documents.


  • I am not familiar with the retention process and am looking for guidance from both all of you, the teachers, as well as the DO. We will need to be very deliberate about retentions. 
  • There should be a uniform process that is followed. We will find what this is and follow it. 

  • As we look at data, both quantitative and qualitative, we need to start having discussions around placement for next year.
  • The shared data document is a great way to have rich discussion about the progress of each students.
  • These discussions should start happening in your PLCs.
I know there's more, but I can't think of it now. I will let you know. Have a great weekend!


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