Friday, April 17, 2015

The week of April 13-17, 2015

Boy, this has been a week. I guess spring has certainly arrived. Nevertheless, today the sun is shining, there is a little breeze, and it's beautiful out. Here's a song to help you enjoy the day. TGIF. Friday I'm in Love.

I have started meeting with all the teachers and have really enjoyed all my conversations with the teachers I've met with so far. It is really fun to see all of you working so hard to meet your goals and then continue to set more goals for yourselves. I am so excited to work with such a self-reflective and dedicated staff. You guys inspire me!

I was not around very much this week, so I probably missed a bunch of stuff, but here's what I know happened this past week:

Imagine Completion
  • In Mrs. Casteneda's class we had the first student that I know of to complete Imagine Learning for her grade level. This is cool.
2nd Grade Collaboration
  • Many 2nd grade classes are using Google Slides/Docs to create a shared document that will be a way to present their work at Open House. 
  • It's a great way to get students to use writing, collaboration, and an authentic audience using 21st century tools.
Chef in the garden

  • On Friday we had Chef Kirsten from the School Food Initiative present a lesson on "Eating the Rainbow."
  • Students had an opportunity to sample a lettuce taco with a variety of veggies and dressing. It was really good.
Mrs. Castaneda video taped AGAIN!
  • Once again, Mrs. Castaneda was video taped as part of her never ending journey as 
AVID Interview
  • The AVID teachers from the middle schools came to interview some of our 6th graders for the AVID program on Friday.
Bike Safety Assembly
  • Ms. Schuler-Jones ran a great bike safety assembly that will culminate with the bike rodeo in May
National High 5 Friday Day
  • No need to say more other than it was probably my favorite day of the year.
Coming up

Video for Reading Plus

  • Next Friday, April 24, a crew from Reading Plus will be filming our school and interviewing some students and teachers to talk about our success with Reading Plus. Pretty cool.
SBCOE visits Mrs. Grossi
  • On Tuesday representatives from the SBCOE will be coming to Fillmore to observe Mrs. Gross as part of the the SBCOE Teacher of the Year application process.
  • We will be getting trained on and discussing SBAC for grades 3-6. Grades TK-2 will go over the latest data they have. 

Have a great weekend!


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