Friday, March 13, 2015

The week of March 9-13, 2015

Cold, fog, sprinkles, and heat! What a great week- we got it all. I did really enjoy this week and was invigorated by our staff meeting. I did a lot of thinking and reading since then and have so many ideas. I did want to share a couple of things if you are interested. One is a podcast  I listened to that was really neat- it's really a fun show, not boring at all. The other was an article that I read from Edutopia.

Our Computers, Ourselves Podcast from Invisiblia at NPR.
Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning from Edutopia

If you do happen to listen and/or read these, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

It was another busy week and I am excited to share what I saw. As always, please invite me to your class, send me an email or text, or yell at me to visit your class when there's something you want me to see.

This past week:

Staff Meeting
  • I shared the slideshow with you already, but feel free to use this shortcut if you would like to see it again: Staff Meeting, March 9
  • At the staff meeting we got the following:
    • GATE information
    • an update on SBAC (links are on the slideshow)
    • Some AR tips
    • info on Ag Day
    • Tech integration thoughts and tips
    • a summary of where we are at with devices and ideas of where we want to go
  • Feel free to check out and add more to the Today's Meet site to provide your two cents.
Board Presentation
  • 3 Fillmore 4th graders, Ms. Krebs, Mr. Figueroa, Mrs. Grossi, and I presented at the board meeting on Tuesday night. Click to see the Tweet!
  • The students and teachers video conferenced in using Google Hangouts. It was awesome!
  • The students showed the board members how they were using Google applications in class. 
  • The teachers shared their experiences as educators.
  • The board members were particularly impressed when Mr. Figueroa mentioned the "digital divide" (the inequality of accessibility to technology), when Mrs. Grossi talked about how she was able to assign work for a student who was in Hawaii, and when Ms. Krebs said her only concern about the Chromebooks was not having them enough.
  • It was obvious that Fillmore was way beyond where any other school in the district is as far as innovation and the integration of 21st century skills.
Mrs. Castaneda honored

  • Also at the board meeting Mrs. Castaneda was recognized for being one of just 3 Distinguished Mentors in all of SB County.
  • She was given a plaque and shook hands with all the board members.
  • It was another great moment for her and Fillmore.
  • PLCs this week were focused on report card and conference prep. 
  • I hope you got a lot done and are well prepared for conferences
SELD in action
  • I happened to walk into Mrs. Castaneda's class while they were leveraging new vocabulary through song- it was so cool, and the students were really engaged!
  • See them singing here.
Kinders on a field trip
  • TK and K got to go on a walking field trip to see gymnastics. I heard they had a good time.
Front Row
  • Seems like a lot of grades and classes are starting to use this online math program and really liking it.
Benchmark Assessment
  • Grades 1-5 took the benchmark assessments
    • I'm hoping that teams are starting to look at the results to see if there was improvement or not and what areas are challenges and what are strengths.
Shared Data Docs
  • Most teams have been diligently filling in their data sheets
  • They are extremely helpful to me and should be to you. Through the sheet you can immediately see growth or regression and in which areas. Powerful stuff for instruction and communication with families.
Coming up next week:

Parent Conferences
  • Of course you know that there are half days next week to accommodate parent conferences. I hope they are worthwhile for you and the families.
Cue Conference
  • On Wednesday, Mrs. Grossi, Ms. Krebs, myself and other people around the district will be attending the Cue Conference in Palm Springs. We are hoping to bring back ideas that will help our school and students
Kinder Registration
  • On Wednesday from 1 pm on will be our Kinder registration. It will be my first and I am looking forward to it!
That's it, I think. Have a great weekend.


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