Saturday, March 28, 2015

The week of March 23-27, 2015

Spring Break is upon us! Wow! Hard to believe this year has gone by so fast. Quite honestly, even though I thoroughly enjoy vacation time, I have been having so much fun at Fillmore that I want to keep it going. I don't need a vacation! But I'll take it...

Coming back from the CUE Conference it felt like I did not really have a weekend to rest, but it's good that I came back (along with Mrs. Grossi and Ms. Krebs) excited about the possibilities for our school and students. There are exciting things happening out there that we should steal. Yes, I said steal. I've been reading this book called Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, and it's great. In the book he promotes theft of ideas- so, if an author says it's ok, then...

 Here's what happened this past week:

Ag Day
  • Best. Day. Ever!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Castaneda for organizing and to the Schuler-Jones' for cooking the lunch. Also, thanks to all the community members that volunteered time and materials for the day.
  • Look for all the tweets about the day @FlushmanMichael and @FillmoreLUSD on Twitter as well as the article in the Lompoc Record.
TK visits Valley Haven

  • Ms. LoCicero took our TKers to Valley Haven where they sang to the residents and received Easter baskets. The TKers came back so happy and so was Ms. LoCicero. She says it was one of the best trips she has taken.
Mrs. Castaneda interviewed for TV
  • Mrs. Castaneda's journey as a Distinguished Mentor continues- it's like being Miss America.
  • On Wednesday she was interviewed by Bill Cirone, the County Superintendent of Schools. 
  • Her interview will be on TV sometime this May. Very cool!
Mr. King makes and donates sign
  • Mr. King, our dedicated and wonderful volunteer, made a sandwich board sign for our library.
  • We are quite lucky to have him around.
AR Goals Luncheon
  • Students who met all 3 AR goals were treated to a luncheon organized by Ms. Hogan and others. Thank you!
  • The kids loved it and felt really acknowledged. 
6th Grade awards dinner
  • The 6th grade teachers selected 14 of their hardest working and respectful students to go to dinner
  • The dinner was at La Botte and these 6th grade teachers treated the students.
  • It was a fun event and the students dressed up really nicely for it.
  • I was so proud of our school
Mr. Flushman is going to Harvard!
  • Mr. Flushman applied for and was accepted into the Harvard Summer Institute: School Turnaround Leaders.
  • He and Ms. Anderson from Los Berros will be attending the institute the first week of June. 
  • It will be a lot of work, but should be really informative.
  • It is quite an honor
  • Mrs. Grossi used Kahoot with her students and they had a blast. Try it out!
Here's what's up for next week:
  • Nothing!
  • Surfing
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Traveling
  • Other fun adult activities...
Here's what's coming for after Spring Break:

EdCamp, April 6
  • There will be no students on the 6th, but we will be having an EdCamp. 
  • If you haven't, please complete the EdCamp survey so we know what you want to learn more about and what you would like to share.
  • Please see the EdCamp Agenda. I've shared it with you. It is an interactive agenda with useful links. We will be using it to take notes during the EdCamp.
Bike Safety Assembly
  • There will be a bike safety assembly the Wednesday we return from break. We will get details to you, so know that it will be about 20-30 minutes.
  • I will have PLC information to you by EdCamp
Shared Data Doc
  • Please continue to complete the shared data doc for your grade level. That information is crucial for the future.

Have a fantastic Spring Break! You deserve it.


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