Friday, March 20, 2015

The Week of March 16-20, 2015

Hi there,

As I write this I am on a small break from my Cue Conference sessions. I've only been to two, but so far they were very good- more on that later. The drive here was horrible however. Why anyone would want to live in LA and deal with that traffic is beyond me.

I hope you are all having a wonderful end of the week. 

Here's what happened this week that I know about:

Leprechauns visit Fillmore

  • In some K classes there was strong evidence that leprechauns visited their classes. The students tried to set up traps, which were really cool feats of engineering. I loved seeing the integration of technology and innovation in these contraptions.
Cool School of the Day

  • I thought it was really neat that Fillmore was KSBY's Cool School of the Day on Monday. Nice to see us get recognized and so neat that the interactive projector in Ms. Burke's class was noticed.
Teacher of the Year Finalist
  • I am so happy that Mrs. Grossi was selected as a finalist for the SBCOE teacher of the year. It is a well-deserved honor and definitely a testament to how hard she worked on her application- lots of writing! She was 1 of ONLY 6. That is just awesome!
  • Congratulations, Mrs. Grossi!  

See's candy fundraiser

  • Great work by our PTA, students, families, and staff on the See's Candy fundraiser. You all earned our PTA more money to supplement our programs.
Book Fair
  • Another thank you to the PTA. The Book Fair went on all this week and hopefully sold enough money so I have to kiss a pig. I'm looking forward to that!
Parent/Teacher conferences
  • I hope the conferences went well and that you were all able to communicate your concerns and success stories with our students' families. Thank you all for making the conferences work and being flexible with your time.
Front Row (Math):
  • There seem to be a lot of teachers using Front Row and they seem to really like it. Could the following statistics be correct? If so, that is really great. This is the data I was sent for Front Row usage...
# Students
# Questions
Amy Wilson
29 Students
3691 Questions
Janet Towle
28 Students
2423 Questions
catharine Farrell
28 Students
2376 Questions
Jennifer Torres
22 Students
2245 Questions
Candice Grossi
29 Students
1453 Questions
Shelena Robinson
29 Students
1351 Questions
Savanna Knapp
22 Students
848 Questions
DeAnne Luis
13 Students
410 Questions
Sarah Castaneda
3 Students
37 Questions

Kinder Registration
  • Kinder had their registration this past Wednesday for next year. It was great to meet new families and see some veteran ones. It truly felt like a family. Thank you to the front office staff and the kinder teachers for making it happen.
Cue Conference
  • Mrs. Grossi, Ms. Krebs and myself are having a great time here. We've all been to 2 sessions and going into our 3rd. We are all very excited about implementing what we have learned so far and are looking forward to sharing.
  • I hope you were all able to access and see the Google Hangout on Air announcement done by our students. They had a great time making it as did I. I'm hoping it was a new and exciting way to present and that it also didn't interrupt your day. Please let me know if you had trouble accessing it.
Here's what's coming up:

Spelling Bee
  • Ms. Wilson has finalized the procedures and the date for the upper grades spelling bee. She will be giving the upper grades that info at some point next week.
  • I am behind on getting the lower grade Bee going. Hopefully we'll get information to you soon.
  • There will be a leadership meeting on Tuesday of next week.
  • You may have noticed that a district electrician has been working in the portables. He is working on the ballasts as getting good lighting into the classes
  • He will be working his way to the A building.
Ag Day

  • Ag Day will be next Friday, March 27. I am super excited for my first one
  • Mrs. Castaneda will have information for you soon.
  • Thank you so much to Mrs. Castaneda for organizing this. It should be fun!

  • K-3 awards assemblies this coming week.
Spring Break
  • One more week until Spring Break! Whoop whoop!
Have a great weekend!

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