Friday, February 27, 2015

The week of Feb. 23-27, 2015

Well, it seems like spring is either here or definitely on its way- seems like the kids are already feeling that spring fever. It also seems like this week was exceptionally busy. How was it for all of you?

Even though I had so much going on between being out on Tuesday and dealing with so many meetings and incidents I got to get into a lot of classes and see some really fantastic stuff going on.I almost posted the blog yesterday because I was so excited to share everything that is going on. So let's get to it...

This past week:


  • In your PLCs this week each team was asked to start filling in a spreadsheet to track the progress of you students in one place on the various assessment tools we use. As teams have been filling them in I find myself spending way too much time looking at them. They are so useful to me. In tact, I was on the phone with a parent just yesterday and I was able to pull up her student's progress from the sheet and relay that information so we could have a talk about academics. That was HUGE!. 
  • I hope the sheets are helpful to you in a variety of ways:
    • that they allow you to track progress and reflect on your students
    • that they allow you to have intrateam discussions about your students
    • that they allow you to communicate across grade levels
    • that they allow you to communicate more effectively with parents
    • that they allow us to track students over time- for years.
  • For the next two weeks PLCs will be dedicated to report cards. You could also use this time to enter data on your shared spreadsheet.

Benchmark Assessments

  • This week 5 out of our 7 grade levels opted to have their students take the benchmark assessments. I am really happy that these teachers decided to do that and view the data as valuable to inform their practice. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
Family Night
  • Family Movie Night was a HUGE success. The MPR was packed with kids, families, and baked goods and popcorn. The PTA made waaaay more money than they thought and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the staff and families who contributed in some way. 
Google Classroom
  • The 4th grade team has incorporated the use of Google Classroom into their Chromebook use. It is so cool to see students enter the class go straight to an assignment and get started on their own. They interact with the teacher and each other digitally. The kids are engaged!
Skype for Reading Across America
  • Mrs. Grossi's class used Skype to read to an elementary school in Nebraska for Read Across America Week. So cool! Check out the tweet here.
More science and inquiry in Kinder
  • I got to see a great question that the little kinder scientists in Ms. Everett's class are trying to answer about how different solutions affect eggs shells. They are relating that to their teeth. I was so impressed. Again, here's the tweet.

Alan November

  • I was able to attend, along with a couple teachers from Fillmore and a bunch from the district, the 2nd part of the Alan November workshop. I was informative and invigorating. He provided so many (way too many) websites and ideas for integrating technology. Check in with Mrs. Grossi or Ms. Silver for any ideas they came away with.
  • Mrs. Grossi presented what she is doing in her class with Minecraft at the event. 
Kinder Rotations
  • If you have never seen the Kinder rotations, take some time out of your day and visit. It is a thing of beauty.
  • Lots of awards assemblies this week (K-3). 
  • Lots of kids earning shirts and certificates for all sorts of good things. Puts a smile on my face.
Pink Day
  • It was Pink Day for 3rd grade. So of course there were pink boas, pink shirts, and poetry on the playground.
Square Dancing
  • Yes, they are square dancing in Kinder with Ms. Jacobson. There might not be anything cuter than that.
Family Clean Up Day
  • Last week we had the first Family Clean Up Day created by a few families that volunteered to do it. We had a few people out there, but not as many as we would like. Our next one will be Friday, March 7. Spread the word!
  • Last week we had volunteers from Common Vision come down and work in our garden, especially our fruit trees. The garden is really starting to look good.

Coming up:

Report Cards & End of Trimester

  • Next week the report card window opens. so... you know what to do.
  • Also, as you know, the trimester ends next week.
Leadership Meeting
  • There will be a leadership meeting on Tuesday. Leaders, please send me any agenda items you have.

  • We are working on schedules and trainings, so please know that we in the next month or so you will need to attend a training if you are in a testing grade (3-6).
  • Also, it is a good idea to start prepping yourself and your students. There are lots of tools that you can use. Here are a few:

EdCamp from IT
  • Join Us - We will be holding another Tech Lab – Ed Camp
  • Where: Fillmore Elementary School Room P6
  • Time: 3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • Date: Thursday, March 5
  • Who: Any interested LUSD staff members
  • Come and join us and decide what you want to learn…
  • Click link for more information about ed camps:
Have a great weekend everyone!

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