Friday, February 6, 2015

The Week of Feb. 2-6, 2015

100 Days!
This week I have been out so much that Mr. Tremblay actually came by to reintroduce himself. Yes, it is hard to be out of the building, but I did get to participate in some really cool stuff. More on that later.

Area & Perimeter (Mrs. Kirsch)
We are in mid-February, and these can be the Dog Days. I know this is a time when it is easy to focus on how difficult this job is and all that goes wrong, but try to focus on the positive- all those things you and we have done this year and will do to impact our students. All the new and innovative practices you have attempted and ran with- be proud of yourselves and your students. We have a great staff here with very caring and hard-working people, and I could not ask for a better place to be. I hope you all feel the same.

This past week
1.      SELD Walkthroughs: This Tuesday, Mr. Figueroa and I were able to be participants in the district-wide Systematic ELD walkthroughs. I think I can speak for Mr. Figueroa when I say that I not only learned a lot, but was impressed with what I saw. Students seemed engaged and knowledgeable about the routines. The teachers were active, excited
SELD walkthrough
and comfortable using the system. There was a lot of really rich language being used, great modeling and ample time for students to practice using the language. It reinforced my hope that SELD will have a positive impact on our ELs.
2. in Stanford: On Thursday I had the great honor of being able to visit the at Stanford. Check it out here: .  It is a design school that focuses on solving human-centered problems through collaboration and creativity. I got to participate in one of their learning challenges, and it was really neat. So many implications for how we facilitate a true environment of authentic learning. If you do check out the website and are interested in making a visit to learn more, let me know as soon as possible.
3.      The 100th day: As I write this, I have not yet experienced the parade, but thank you Kindergarten for making the day fun and memorable. Congratulations to all of you for making the first 100 so fun.
4.      Internet down: Mrs. Grossi informed me that the internet was down on Thursday, which I know if hard- especially when your plans require it. However, she also mentioned how adaptable everyone was and, as she Tweeted, you “focused on the shift, not the device.” ( Well done to all of you.

Coming up:

-        No school Monday
o   Hope you enjoy a much needed day off
-        PLC
o   I will leave the following options open to each team for PLC next week. You have a
choice of two options:
Entry to Ms. Silver's room
§  If you have data that you would like to discuss, please discuss (AR reports, Power Reading, Lexia, Imagine, common assessments, etc.)
§  Begin to plan a lesson/unit together using CCSS that has an authentic outcome that you can assess. If you need guidance with this, please see me.
o   Please provide me with either a copy of your PLC template or a copy of the draft of your lesson/unit.
-        Leadership
Parents & their kids picking up trash on their own :)
o   There will be a leadership meeting next Tuesday at 2:50 in Mrs. Grossi’s room.
-        Honey Pots
o   Hopefully we will get the honey pots delivered next week to your rooms- exciting!
-        Chromebooks
o   The 4th grade team will probably be getting their Chromebooks next week. Students will be taught how to log in and access all things Google. They will all dive in together and do some trial and error to figure out how best to use these machines for student achievement.

Enjoy your weekend! 
That’s it!
Mrs. Jacobson's class counting to 100


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