Friday, February 13, 2015

The Week of Feb. 10-13

Hi Everyone,

I was glad to finally get some rain last weekend, but I sure have enjoyed these sunny days this week. What a beautiful place in the world we live in.

This past week seemed really busy. It seemed like I was spinning more plates than usual, but as always, it was sure fun. Here’s what happened and what’s coming up…

This past week
1.      Leadership:
a.      This leadership meeting was done for the very first time through video conference. We used Google Hangout to video conference and also used a shared Google doc that everyone could edit to take the minutes . I think it was a good way to gain some experience using free tools that provide opportunities to collaborate.
b.      At leadership it was decided that for our April 6 professional development we were going to try an EdCamp. Some of you may have attended the EdCamp that the ITS department put on yesterday so you will be experts. It should be a useful, collaborative, and fun way to learn and create. Check out the following links to become more familiar: EdCamp Video and The Unconference
2.      Common Core Materials:
a.      Ms. Robertson has been using the Engage NY website to find good materials and lesson for teaching the Common Core. Thanks for sharing Ms. Robertson. Click here.
3.      Ms. Hanson:
a.      Today is Haylie’s last day. I want to make sure she knows how much she will be missed. She has been a huge advocate for our kids and done wonders for them. We wish her success and adventure.
4.      Ms. Asmussen and her baby:
a.      Ms. Asmussen had her baby Wednesday night. Sounds like it was a fairly quick and very successful birth process. So the Fillmore Family welcomes Alani (7 lbs 9 oz)! Congratulations Asmussen family! Hooray!
5.      Biography Day:
    a.      You may have seen Abe Lincoln, Princess Di or even Elvis wandering around campus yesterday and that’s because it was Bio Day in Mrs. Grossi’s class. Students dressed up as the person they researched and presented their person to their class through speech and a PowerPoint. It was fun to witness how excited the kids were.
6.      Chromebooks:
a.      The cart of 35 Chromebooks arrived this Wednesday and the 4th grade this tool with their class to incorporate 21 century skill building and CCSS. It is really cool that they are the first grade level of anyone in the district to be using the Chromebooks- they are the pioneers!
team is raring to go. They have been working really hard to investigate how best to use
7.      Front row for math:
a.      Ms. Knapp is using a new math program called Front
Row for math. She says she loves it and it’s free. Ask her for details.
    8.      New slides for Kinder:
        a.      Maintenance and Operations installed a couple new slides in our Kinder playground to replace the ones that were cracked. We are thankful for their efforts.

Coming Up

    1.      SBAC:
     a.      The SBAC is coming. Mr. Latimer and I will sit down next week and work on a testing schedule. The window for testing is March 10 to May 29. We are hoping to test as late as possible, and hoping to have a schedule ready for you by early March.
b.      SBAC testing is only for grades 3-6.
c.      If you are in a testing grade please work out a time with Mr. Latimer where he can start prepping your students for the tools on the test.
d.      Also, it is a good idea to start prepping yourself and your students. There are lots of tools  that you can use. Here are a few:
                                                    i.     SBAC practice tests
                                                   ii.     Embedded universal tools and online features for test video
                                                  iii.     Performance Task Overview video
                                                  iv.     Keyboard commands for students
2.      Lockdown drill:
a.      We will be having a lockdown drill again on Tuesday right before recess. Please
remind your students of the lockdown procedures
3.      Fillmore monthly cleanup
a.      On Friday, Feb. 20, we will have our first parent-initiated clean up day. I’ll be doing a call out with details. Two parents wanted to organize a clean up day to care for our campus. So, bring trash bags and gloves and spend 10 minutes cleaning up if you want.
4.      PLC
a.      Next week the PLC is during our common minimum day. The topic is the new science standards and you will meet at the DeWees Center at 1:15.
There might be more, but I can’t think of it now. Have another terrific 3 day weekend!


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