Friday, January 30, 2015

The week of Jan. 26-30

Hi Everyone,

What? A full five day week? How did we survive? Just the second week of 2015 and there is so much going on. What’s below is a little different. I am going to highlight some things that I either saw or heard about during this week and give you a heads up about some things that are coming up:

This past week
1.      I know this was so last week, but I forgot to mention the great field trip that 3rd grade went on to Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. What I heard is that it was informative and fun (a few students got a little wet playing by the creek).

2.      Mrs. Grossi, with the help of Sean Campbell from our IT department, installed Minecraft
on the machines in her room and her students began to use it. Her class is the first in all of LUSD to be using Minecraft- wow! Apparently there was a GREAT deal of excitement, which is fantastic, but Mrs. Grossi is worried about the learning aspect. I am sure they will get the hang of it quickly. Very exciting! The school “Tweeted” the first day and it got retweeted by Minecraft!

3.      Fillmore produced the first copy of our new newsletter, The Fillmore Flyer. It was distributed to classes to post, but is also available online at:
4.      Edmodo is getting fairly prevalent on this campus as a learning management tool. I’m sure I’m wrong, but Mrs. Grossi uses it, Mr. Figueroa, Ms. Krebs, Mrs. Castaneda, and now Ms. Shelena Robinson joined this week. Are there more out there?
5.      After PLC time, Mr. Figueroa, Mrs. Castaneda, Mrs. Grossi, and myself, with the help of
Ms. Krebs and others participated in Fillmore’s first ever group video conference using Google Hangout. It was neat, fun, a little glitch, but there are so many possibilities for instruction and collaboration with this tool.
6.      PLC time seemed pretty productive. Most teams focused on STAR Reading results and/or Reading Plus results. I’m concerned that your discussions regarding data may be getting a little scattered. PLC discussion should center around one or two data points and those two data points should be the only thing discussed and put in each section of the PLC template. Kindergarten and 1st did a really good job of this. I’ve pasted images of theirs below for your information.
7.      Ms. Knapp’s class has been reading with Ms. Burke’s class and really enjoying it. I love this as a model for inclusion here.
8.      3rd grade had their “Blue” Day with poetry and presentations.
9.      Mrs. Kirsch class is learning about area and perimeter by creating robots. Very cool!
10.   We have at least 2 grade levels (4th and 6th) starting to work on persuasive writing. We are teaching the common core. Fillmore students are getting authentic assignments to demonstrate their knowledge of CCSS standards. This is great!

Coming up:

-        ELD District-wide walkthroughs
o   Next Tuesday a team of LUSD educators may visit your class to do walkthroughs during your ELD time. There could be as many as 5 people in your room including the superintendent. Prepare yourselves. J
-        PLC
o   PLC this week will again be focused on data. As the Illuminate benchmark is coming up, your team may want to revisit your first Illuminate assessment so you know where they were. Lots of teams have been creating common assessments- this is a good time to look at those as well. Of course, you also have really good data from our supplemental programs that you can/should discuss.
-        Leadership
o   There will be a leadership meeting next Tuesday at 2:50 in Mrs. Grossi’s room.
-        Honey Pots
o   At some point honey pots will be delivered to all teachers’ classrooms. It is a district requirement that we have honey pots available and ready in the case of an extended lock down. Please make room for them.
-        Spelling Bee
o   We are planning on having a spelling bee at some point in May for both lower and upper grades. If you have some knowledge of spelling bees or would like to be a part of the planning committee, let me know.

-        PTA
o   The PTA is in need of parents to help out. You probably heard the message last night, but they need people to help with popcorn sales and someone to help organize the spring book fair. If you know of any parents that would do this, please reach out to them.
-        Chromebooks
o   The 4th grade team seems really excited to start getting acquainted with and using the Chromebooks that have been promised to them. They are diving head first into all things Google. I think we are all excited to see how these tools are going to be used to help students meet new standards and skills. Way to go 4th!
-        D-school
o   Next Thursday I have been invited to the d-school at Stanford University with a few other LUSD members. I am really excited to see it as it is a school that provides a space for students to collaborate around projects they are excited about and create. Check it out:

It was another great week!

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