Friday, January 23, 2015

The week of Jan. 19-23, 2015

Update for the week of Jan. 19-23:

This was a short week, but a busy week. I really enjoyed myself and got out into lots of classes even though I was pulled in so many different directions this week. I loved seeing the snowboard experiment in Mr. Figueroa’s class, the shape lesson with Dr. MLK in Ms. Jacobson’s class, close reading strategies being implemented in Ms. Luis’ class, a great read-aloud in Ms. Silver’s class, and much more. Also, I was so honored to be involved in our first video conference with Mrs. Grossi’s class- that was fun!

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Here are some highlights of what has happened:

-        PLC
o    Each grade level team filled out a template to make plan for how to integrate ELD strategies into our the regular day. We are working on making ELD strategies used across all content areas so students that need those strategies see their use in every facet of their learning. 
-        ToY
o    Congratulations to Mrs. Grossi for being the district-wide nominee for LUSD as the SBCOE Teacher of the Year. This is a HUGE deal. Let’s wish her lots of luck on her application process because it is a lot.
-        Spelling Bee
o   We are planning on having a spelling bee at some point in May for both lower and upper grades. If you have some knowledge of spelling bees or would like to be a part of the planning committee, let me know.
-        PTA
o   The PTA is id need of parents to help out. You probably heard the message last night, but they need people to help with popcorn sales and someone to help organize the spring book fair. If you know of any parents that would do this, please reach out to them.
-        Chromebooks
o   The 4th grade team seems really excited to start getting acquainted with and using the Chromebooks that have been promised to them. They are diving head first into all things Google. I think we are all excited to see how these tools are going to be used to help students meet new standards and skills. Way to go 4th!
-        Video-conferencing
o   I had the opportunity to practice a video conference using Skype with Mrs. Grossi’s class. What an extremely powerful tool for communication! Imagine taking virtual field trips to other classes in the district and other places in the world. If you would like to practice video conferencing, let me or Mrs. Grossi know and we can help you get started.
o   Thank you to Ms. Jacobson for bringing the Boxtale Theater Company to our school once again. We had a really entertaining performance that was all about folklore and mythology. The students had a blast.
-        Tech resources from ITS
o   Free Tech Resources:  Looking for some free resources - check out these sites called Braingenie  and Flexmath if you haven’t already.  These sites has math activities from grade 1 – pre-calc and science for grades 6-8 and Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Both sites (sites are connected) have ways for teachers to monitor what their students have completed and mastered.
o   And please follow us on twitter @lusdedtech

It was a fabulous week! Let's have another one.



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